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Peaky Blinders Green Check Wool Newsboy Cap

Peaky Blinders Green Check Wool Newsboy Cap

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The Peaky Blinder hat, also known as a flat cap or newsboy cap, is a distinctive style of headwear associated with the Peaky Blinders gang and the TV series of the same name. The hat has a round, flat crown and a small, stiff brim. It is typically made of wool or tweed fabric, giving it a classic and vintage look. The Peaky Blinder hat is often worn tilted to one side, with the brim pulled down slightly over the forehead. This positioning adds to the gang's iconic and mysterious image. In the series, the gang members are shown to have razor blades sewn into the brims of their hats, which they use as concealed weapons in confrontations.




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Dry Clean
Moss Green check tweed 14oz British wool, with gold and green watchchain jacquard lining
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