Why do you need a reason to don a suit?  What about a Bespoke Casual Jacket?  Or a custom made pair of trousers?

The greatest tailored outfits are the ones we wear just because we want to - each and every day!

The beauty of a casual tailoring is that you can mix and match the pieces with other items in your closet. Gresham Blake stands out compared to other tailors due to its design-led approach. We have an extensive selection of styling and detail options and can even design a custom cloth just for you. No matter your style, we can guarantee that we can craft a garment that you'll love to wear simply because it looks so good.

We provide a vast selection of fabrics, sourced from premium cloth suppliers British as well as around the globe – including merino wool, cotton, linen and more, in a rainbow of colours, thicknesses, designs, and textures. Your personal consultant will provide some recommendations on the construction, design, and timeline, so you can be sure the garment meets your expectations. Plus, you have the option to customize your garment with a nearly infinite number of style and feature options!

Be forewarned: tailor-made casual wear can be incredibly habit-forming. After you slip into your first ensemble, you might just find yourself organizing your next purchase!

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