Bold Print Legacy


At Gresham Blake, our talented Brighton team designs exceptional cotton and linen prints each year, designing a limited range of shirts that blend artistry with fashion. Beyond our current offerings, we proudly maintain an archive of fabrics spanning 25 years, showcasing some truly remarkable prints. Traditionally, bold prints were reserved for casual Hawaiian shirts, but we have innovatively integrated these vibrant patterns into formal tailoring, making this a signature product of ours for the past quarter-century. 

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Colourful Menswear?  Could that be a thing?

It is the male of the species that is most often coloured up in plumage, more colourful and alluring than his female counterparts, who find sufficiency in serviceable browns. But this ordination in ornithological strategy finds its converse in human attire. While ladies' fashion blooms with rainbow hues and daring styles, men's fashion traditionally treads a path of restraint. Whereas, since Georgian times, men have been largely confined to straight lines and sober colours, there stands the defiant exception...

This outrageous shirt is a stronghold of colour, pattern, and excess. To some, the shirt is like a wearable postcard, to others, it is an unabashed way to express positivity. To the people of Brighton, it is a point of cultural pride.

Yes! The iconic Gresham Blake Printed Formal Shirt.  How many do you own?

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A Journey Through Our Archive

When Gresham first laid the foundations of what would become Gresham Blake, the emphasis was solely on bespoke suits. In fact, at first, we didn't have any of our own ready-made collections and we just sold other labels in our shop. But with Gresham's unique passion for colour and design, this soon led to the creation of collections. We started doing limited edition runs of printed shirts, which really brought a breath of fresh air into our menswear. Over the years, this led to an amazing archive of fabric stocks, with each piece of cotton shirting standing as a statement of innovative design. 

Book an appointment today to peruse through our archived shirt prints. We have around 100 designs.  Immerse yourself in our vibrant history and find a unique piece that speaks to your style.

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