In the Pocket: The Dashing World of Men's Pocket Squares

Hello there, chaps! Let’s have a bit of banter about that small yet mighty sartorial champion, the pocket square. A flick of fabric poised in your jacket pocket, and voilà, you’re the beau of the ball—or at least, you look like it. Especially now, as wedding bells chime across the country, what better time to discuss this quintessential accessory of the debonair gentleman?


Why, you ask, should one bother with a pocket square? It’s simple: a pocket square elevates your ensemble from the mundane to the magnificent. Adding that splash of silk can catapult you from merely dressed to superbly styled. It's a nod to the golden days when a chap wouldn't dare step out sans his trusty square. Plus, it’s an absolute showstopper at weddings. Imagine a sea of drab suits illuminated by your striking splash of paisley or polka dot.

Folding a pocket square, however, is where the fun begins. For the traditionalist, the classic square fold reigns supreme—sharp, clean lines that peek ever so slightly above your pocket. Simply fold it flat, and tuck it neatly away. For the rakish among us, the puff fold offers a jaunty alternative. Just pinch the fabric centre, let the corners dangle like a fine moustache, and stuff it haphazardly (yet artfully!) into your pocket.


And when should one brandish this nifty accessory? Whilst weddings are the pocket square's natural habitat, don't shy away from sporting it at other gatherings—from the boardroom showdown to the cocktail-laden garden party. Anywhere, really, where a chap wishes to express, "Yes, I do indeed have my life together."


In closing, don’t let your suit suffer from the ordinary. Whether it’s a crisp fold for a solemn occasion or a casual puff at your mate’s nuptials, a pocket square is your ticket to the pantheon of the well-dressed. Cheerio, and may your pockets never be square-less!

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