Boating / striped blazers have been around for centuries. They have a long and interesting history that dates back to the days of sailing ships and beyond. Boating blazers were first worn by sailors as a way to protect themselves from the cold and wet weather conditions they encountered on the open seas. As time went on, boating blazers became popular among all types of boaters, from recreational boaters to professional sailors. Today, these classic pieces of apparel are still seen as a symbol of style and sophistication in many circles. Whether you’re out on the lake or just heading to dinner with friends, a boating blazer is sure to make you look your best!

Have you ever wanted to own a unique and stylish piece of boating  clothing that is both timeless and modern? Gresham Blake have created the perfect option for you - a bespoke boating blazer inspired by the colours of Brighton and Hove tartan. This blazer has been expertly woven in England, creating an exquisite piece of clothing that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Do you have your own Cricket club or sport clubs? Why not have your own fabric designed and let us make a striped blazer for you.

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