At Gresham Blake, our Bespoke Tailoring Services are very competitively priced. We don’t have the same overheads as Savile Row and we are a family business, so there is no middle men in our brand.

So, how much does a bespoke garment cost?

This depends completely on how much the cloth costs (not so much the design) and how long you give us to make the garment.

However, just because a cloth is more expensive, does not necessarily mean it’s a better cloth.

All of the fabrics we use are extremely high end.

If you give us a guide price, we will make sure we stick to this.

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For anything required 6 weeks +

Our prices ranges start from:

£700 – Bespoke 2-piece suit (most people spend between £800 – £1200)

£200 -Bespoke waistcoat (most people spend between £200 – £400)

£250 – Bespoke trousers (most people spend between £250 – £400)

£800 – Bespoke overcoat (most people spend between £800 – £1100)

£150 – Bespoke Shirt – (most people spend £150)

£600 – 5 x Bespoke Shirts

Why Not Design Your OWN Lining?

We can help you design your own lining:

+£200 – Bespoke Lining

Need your garment in a hurry?

We offer an express service. As long as we can get the cloth to our workshops, we can turn things around fast.

The cost depends on how quickly you want the garment. We can get things turned around very quickly in our UK workshops.

For a suit/ Jacket/ Coat

+ £200 – 4 -6 weeks turnaround

+ £300 – 2-4 weeks turnaround

+ £400 – 1 Week turnaround

For a shirt

+ £50 – 1-6 weeks turnaround

For trousers / waistcoat

+ £100 – 4-6 weeks turnaround

+ £125 – 2-4 weeks turnaround

+ £150 – 1-week turnaround

Special Promotions

We often have a special promotion going where we offer a not to be missed bargain! Please ask instore at your consultation for any offers.

Also, please sign in to our mailing list and we will email you of special offers.

BOOK ONLINE OR CALL 01273 609587