Design Your Own Shoes…

With many styles, fabrics, and a multitude of colours to choose from, why not create your very own shoes?

Step 1. Choose your shoe

From brogues to Chelsea boots, we have it all. Choose from a traditional rounded toe or mix it up with something sophisticated and square.

Step 2. Fabric and colours

Having the power to choose a different material and colour for each part of the shoe means your result is completely individual. The sole, tongue, lining and every single part can be tailored exactly to your taste. Each material provides a distinct colour and texture so you can make a shoe as wacky or simple as you like. You’ll be able to view your bespoke shoe design, and the many options we have to offer, via our interactive page.


Step 3. The final step

To finish, choose from a range of sizes, and a width that suits you.

Now you’re ready to get suited and booted for every occasion.

Crafted to an exceptional standard in Spain, your design will take up to 8 weeks to manufacture, so it is important to bear this in mind when placing your order. Your footwear will be made using intricate techniques and a process that has been developed meticulously over the years.

Tailored exactly to your needs, we will make your dream shoes a reality.